Telehealth Services

Using an smart device (phone or tablet), you can have an office visit from the comfort of your home!

Keeping up with regular doctor visits or seeing a doctor when you have a problem might seem like a challenge. 

Telehealth—video or phone visits with your doctor—has made keeping in touch with your doctor possible when you’re far away or can’t get to their office easily. This option means you can get the help you need at the right place and time. Don’t delay a check-in 

You might not be feeling well, have some small concerns or big concerns. Here are some reasons to set up a telehealth visit: 

  • Pain Management
  • Psychiatry
  • Behavioral Health
  • Have ongoing medical conditions (like asthma or diabetes) that you need to check in about
  • Pediatrics
    • ADHD Medication Check
    • Skin rash, allergies
    • Stomach aches, constipation
    • Post Hospital / ER Discharge
    • Ear Infection Follow-Up
    • Depression Follow-Up
    • Weight Check (if you have a scale at home)
    • BMI (if you have a scale at home)
    • Headaches
    • Nutrition 
    • Prescription Management
  • Adult Medicine
    • Some GYN
    • Skin rash, allergies
    • Controlled hypertension or diabetes
    • Uncontrolled diabetes (if last HgA1c test is less than 30 days old)
    • Birth Control Renewal (oral, ring or patch only)
    • Post Hospital / ER Discharge (not appropriate for wound or catheter care)
    • Need help addressing substance use 

 If you’re wondering if you should call your doctor, call your doctor!

When making an appointment, just tell the operator that you want a virtual video visit. 

Two links will be sent to your email or cell phone. When you click on the first link, you will receive a message that asks for control of your camera and microphone.  Answer yes and you will be asked some questions and consent to having a video visit. You will then enter into your practitioner’s virtual waiting room. In a few moments, a medical assistant will greet you and your virtual video visit begins!

Below are links to the Patient Quick Start Guide that is about the technical part of your visit and adult and pediatric checklists for the clinical portion.

Pediatric Visit Check List

Adult Visit Check List

Patient start guide and device check