Enrollment & Eligibility

Eligibility & Enrollment

Under the umbrella and collaboration with  Aliados Health consortium, formerly Redwood Community Health Coalition,  SVCHC  has a team of Certified Enrollment Counselors to assist with the following.

For questions or to make an appointment, please call 707-939-6070 or via email to eligibility@svchc.org.

Need to call or submit documents directly Sonoma County Human Services Office ?

By Phone:

Call  (877) 699-6868



By Mail:
Economic Assistance
Medi-Cal Renewal
P.O. Box 1539
Santa Rosa, CA 95402

By Fax: (707) 565-5252



  • Economic Assistance, 2550 Paulin Drive, Santa Rosa
  • Human Services South County Center5350 Old Redwood Highway, Suite 100, Petaluma

Medi-Cal Expansion

Ever since 2016, Medi-Cal has been expanding full-scope coverage to California residents regardless of their immigration status. 

In May 2016, children under 19 years of age became eligible for full-scope Medi-Cal benefits. In January 2020, coverage was extended to young adults ages 19 through 25, in May 2022 to individuals 50 and older, and lastly on January 1, 2024, to ages 26 – 49 years old. This means that any individual, regardless of their age and immigration status, may qualify for full-scope Medi-Cal  based on their household income.

Educational Presentations  

SVCHC will be hosting educational presentations about Medi-Cal and other  topics. Stay tune for upcoming  dates.

List of Medi-Cal Health Benefits 

Full Scope Medi-Cal provides free or low-cost health care or coverage for:

  1.     Outpatient (Ambulatory) services
  2.     Emergency Services
  3.     Hospitalization
  4.     Mental Health
  5.     Prescription Drugs
  6.     Transportation
  7.     Podiatry
  8.     Physical therapy
  9.     Laboratory services
  10.   Prevention and wellness services and chronic disease management
  11.   Dental Care
  12.   In-home services and support
  13.   Vision (eyeglasses and hearing aids)

Frequently Asked Questions 

What if I already have Restricted-Scope (emergency) Medi-Cal?

Individuals who were currently enrolled in Restricted-Scope (Emergency) Medi-Cal, should have automatically transitioned to Full-Scope Medi-Cal. Individuals should have received a letter from the County Human Services office informing them of the transition and new health benefits.

What if I receive an annual renewal packet from Medi-Cal?

Annual renewal packets from the County Human Services office must filled out and submitted by the deadline date in order to continue coverage and avoid a termination letter from Medi-Cal.

What if I do not have Medi-Cal? 

Individuals can apply for Medi-Cal 1) Via BenefitsCal 2) by calling 1-877-699-6868 3) by visiting the County of Sonoma Human Services.

What if my children already have Medi-Cal?  

If the household’s children are already enrolled, adults can call 1-877-699-6868 or go to the Human Services Office  to be evaluated for Medi-Cal.

Will Medi-Cal impact my immigration status?

Medi-Cal enrollment does NOT count towards Public Charge or affect future immigration efforts.

For more information call us at 707-939-6070 or email eligibility@svchc.org

Medi-Cal Expansion all ages

You may qualify to receive health coverage under Medi-Cal expansion. Please fill out the form below if you would like a member of our Eligibility team to contact you to find out if you qualify

Interest Form

Interested in learning more about Medi-Cal expansion?(Required)
How many people live in your household, including yourself?
What is your estimated annual income? (based on 138% FPL)
When is the best time to contact you via phone?


Disclaimer Use of information disclaimer: This information is collected to assess if you are eligible for the Medi-Cal expansion program benefits. If you are deemed potentially eligible, the SVCHC eligibility team will reach out within 48 hours to assist you with completing your Medi-Cal enrollment application. SVCHC does not make the Medi-Cal determination however;SVCHC assists patients with submitting thier application for approval. Note: U.S. residency status is not required to receive Medi-Cal benefits.