Sensitive Care/Services


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Sensitive exams or procedures involves the breast (in female patients), rectum and/or genitals in any patient.    They should always be done in a serious and private way.  If you feel uneasy at any time, speak up.

During sensitive exams or procedures, you should expect:

  • An explanation of the exam, including why it is needed, what the provider will do and what it may feel like.
  • Privacy to undress. You should NOT be asked to undress in front of a provider or other staff.
  • You should be offered a covering (gown or drape) if your body is exposed.
  • The provider should NEVER make sexual remarks, hints or jokes.
  • You have the right to refuse any portion of an exam or stop it at any time. You are in charge of your body.


We value your privacy and respect your right to dignity during all exams.

During your visit, you should expect:

  • The door will be closed during your exam. Only the people involved in your exam should be present during your care.
  • The provider and/or staff will wash their hands or use hand sanitizer before and after delivering care. Gloves will be worn whenever there is a chance to come into contact with open wounds, blood and/or bodily fluids.  Gloves are not required for touching skin only.
  • The provider and/or staff will explain the exam or procedure to you. They may ask questions about your medical history that are related to the exam or procedure.
  • The provider and/or staff will ask permission prior to touching you. They will explain what to expect during your visit.
  • A medical chaperone will be provided for all sensitive exams and procedures as well for other procedures if requested.

Please speak up if you feel uncomfortable or notice any odd behavior during your exam or procedure.


Some medical exams and procedures are more sensitive than others.  We use trained chaperones to help ensure patient and provider comfort, safety, privacy, security and dignity during these exams and procedures.  The chaperone will stand in a location where they can observe what is going on and assist as needed.

Patients may request a chaperone of the same gender.

Patients who are 12 years and older and who can make their own medical decisions can decline a chaperone.  The provider may also decide not to perform an exam or procedure unless a chaperone is present.


During the sensitive exam or procedure, if you feel that the provider or staff said or behaved in a way that made you feel uncomfortable, unsafe or did not honor your safety, privacy, security or dignity, please ask the front office staff for a Concern Form.  Please place the completed form in one of the wooden boxes located in the waiting room.  You can also give it to front office staff.  If you prefer, you may also speak with the manager or other, available supervisor.