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Windows 10 will start downloading and installation media will be created. If you use a USB drive as installation media, any data on it will be deleted. Because Windows 8 was not anywhere near as popular as Windows 7, it didn’t get an ESU program, and that means these two operating systems are running out of support completely at the same time. Of course, unless you were paying for ESU, Windows 7 hasn’t been supported for a while, but this is the true end of the road. You need to use the desktop version of Windows Update. The big question now is whether Microsoft will ever turn off the code on its activation servers that dispenses digital licenses after an upgrade from an earlier Windows version. I’ve continued to test that scenario, and I can confirm, long after the end of support for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, that it still works.

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Windows 8.1 can also be upgraded the same way, but without needing to wipe your apps and settings. As we mentioned above, you can choose to create Windows 10 installation media to use later with the Media Creation Tool. If you choose to do it this way, you can either create an ISO file, a USB drive, or a DVD that’s used to install the new operating system. To use an ISO file on Windows 7, you’ll need dedicated software such as WinCDEmu, so it may be easier to use a flash drive or DVD.

Solution 3. Reset Recent Registry Changes via System Restore

These cumulative updates are optional and contain non-security fixes that the company is still testing and planning to release in the next Patch Tuesday update . Poor performance can be explained in any number of ways, but the users are seeing drops specifically in SSD speeds, and all of this seems to have started only once they’ve installed the update.

Insert the Windows XP CD and api-ms-win-downlevel-advapi32-l1-1-0 boot up the computer. If you haven’t made a backup of the important files on the computer yet, this is another opportunity to. Again, the repair installation should only affect the Windows installation on the computer.

  • To block Windows from downloading the driver update again, download the Show or Hide updates tool from Microsoft.
  • The Windows Registry Editor was initially launched in 1992 with Microsoft Windows 3.1.
  • The PC may restart several times during the update.
  • You can easily search by other data types, such as a DWORD value, or even by a complete string.

It stores all of the low-level settings for the operating system – ones that aren’t available via the usual settings menus because Microsoft prefers you not to change them. Installed programs, the Start Menu, and more all have registry entries in a standardized form for easy understanding and editing if required. Find a folder for an unused program or invalid registry keys. The only registry files that can be removed safely from the registry are those that belong to programs that have already been uninstalled or are no longer used. Some apps use XML files or local executable files to store their settings. If you uninstall a program, you usually delete its settings from the registry — but not always. Sometimes, even after you uninstall an app, certain configurations or other settings stick around.

Enable the Windows logo key via Windows Registry

To get started, head to the Start menu search bar, type in ‘factory reset,’ and select the best match. Many applications store their programs in association with their installed directory. Whenever you launch a program, Windows first searches the Application Paths Section. Missing entries will only increase such search time. Press the Start Scan Now button, and let the tool do the hard work. It will search the entire registry for links pointing to a file and then search your hard disk for that file.

Some features of Windows 10 cannot perform on old hardware, such as Windows Hello, which needs new deep camera or fingerprint processor. That window has now closed, and Microsoft isn’t offering a paid support option for Windows 8.1. Also depending on when you purchased the PC’s they may have a Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 license on them. We had a few 3020’s that were 8 and a few that were 8.1. You can pull up by service tag at to see what they came with.

How to uninstall minor Windows updates

As the nerve center of the Windows operating system, you’ll need to make sure the Windows Registry is well maintained. Almost any Windows users will find themselves needing to use the Registry Editor to make changes to the operating system that aren’t typically allowed in Windows settings. In this guide, we show you the different ways you can open Regedit.