CAM00025Sonoma Valley Community Health Center (SVCHC) is the only safety-net community health care provider and FQHC in the surrounding Sonoma Valley area that provides health maintenance and continuum of care for our target population. Our service delivery model is patient centered, community oriented and culturally competent. SVCHC is an active and essential part of the local health care community and its service delivery network. Our organizational vision is to be recognized as a leader in providing patient and community centered care in collaboration with other organizations. Since our inception, we have worked diligently to establish numerous collaborative relationships with a variety of public, private and community based organizations in the area.

SVCHC works with other health care organizations to widen the services available for our patients. These include the Sonoma Valley Hospital, the County of Sonoma’s Public Health and Mental Health Departments, and several medical centers for specialty care in Santa Rosa, Petaluma and SanFrancisco. SVCHC regularly meets and collaborates with local community groups and associations that address our service area issues, including the local elementary and high schools, Springs Redevelopment Council, the Sonoma Emergency Shelter, the Sonoma Chamber of Commerce, and nearby clinics such as Clinic Ole in Napa and Petaluma Health Center. On a larger scale, SVCHC is an active member of regional health coalitions and associations to better understand and address health care issues on a regional, state and national basis, including the Redwood Community Health Coalition, Community Health Corps (AmeriCorps) and the California Primary Care Association.

Sonoma Valley Health Roundtable: SVCHC was instrumental in organizing a local health care roundtable in order to improve access to services valley wide and to collaborate in improving population health and wellbeing for residents in Sonoma Valley area. This group, Sonoma Valley Health Round Table, has become a strong, passionate force in establishing a center for community health. The Roundtable was created as an opportunity for health and community organizations, along with local community members, to develop strategies for a common, mutually beneficial health goal. The Roundtable members are from a wide range of constituencies who are devoted to the health of Sonoma Valley. Representative membership includes: the Sonoma Valley Hospital, the City of Sonoma, La Luz Center, Sonoma County Health Department, Sonoma Ecology Center, Sonoma Naturopathic Medicine, Sonoma Valley Boys and Girls Club, St. Joseph’s Health System, Vintage House Senior Services, private medical practitioners and professionals, and community members. Their mission is to promote health and well-being and defend the integrity of health care access for all in Sonoma Valley.

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SVCHC is looking for volunteers to help outreach to our community and help with on-going events.

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