Take Action to Protect Healthcare

We are one month away from the Health Center Funding Cliff becoming a reality. If Congress fails to act to fix the cliff before September 30th – the Health Center Program will face a 70% reduction in funding. The expiration of funding will also impact programs vital to Health Centers, including the National Health Service Corps and Teaching Health Centers Programs, amongst others. Despite ongoing efforts by Health Center Advocates to press for both clear plans to fix the cliff as well as quick action so that Health Centers can continue operations without fear of severe funding reductions, Congress has given little public indication of its plans to pass a timely and long-term extension of funding by the September 30th deadline.

To be clear: there are only 12 working legislative days in the House, and 17 in the Senate – time is running out. Without sufficient pressure from advocates at home, we are concerned that Congress will not address the cliff by the end of the Fiscal Year, or that they will undertake a very short-term extension of funding until December. Both of these scenarios have major negative implications for the stability of the nationwide Health Center network – which today cares for more than 27 million patients.

Our ask to Congress is simple: act immediately to fix the health center funding cliff and preserve funding at current levels. In addition, we are strongly advocating that Congress extend this crucial funding for at least five years, providing – at a minimum – current funding levels to maintain services and stability of care.

Friend, you are receiving this message because we are counting on YOU, and the whole Health Center Advocacy Network to advocate tirelessly throughout the month of September, as long as it takes, to force Congress to act to fix the cliff. You can start today by taking these easy steps:

  1. Take Action Right Now!Send Your Member of Congress a message urging immediate action to fix the Health Center Funding Cliff.
  2. Get Ready & Commit to Taking Action!Be prepared for a busy and demanding advocacy schedule in September. Look for specific, focused action steps each week of September ranging from social media posts, to emails, to phone calls. We need YOU, and every Health Center Advocate to take action quickly and repetitively in order to force Congress to act!