SureTouch breast exam to be used at SVCHC

SureTouch is a FDA-SureTouch+Hardware+2cleared device utilizing tactile imaging technology to detect breast cancer. The SureTouch Breast Exam is a simple procedure using a hand-held device that captures a graphic representation of an amplified map of breast tissue. With SureTouch, the patient and the doctor can view the size, shape, hardness and location of suspicious masses immediately during the examination and masses as small as 5mm can be identified, thus facilitating immediate and potentially life-saving actions.


While 80 percent of newly diagnosed breast cancers are found by the sense of touch, SureTouch is far more sensitive than human touch and can detect smaller lesions than a trained clinician.  Women love SureTouch because it is pain free, radiation free and provides immediate results. SureTouch is effective with younger women and older women even with fibrous breast tissue. Because SureTouch is safe, women are encouraged to get examined more frequently.

SVCHC is looking forward to using SureTouch at our clinic soon! Learn more online at

or watch an informational video here: